Becoming a team sponsor starts with a phone call or email to Mark. It could be your logo on the side of the bike and truck.

Sponsorship provides brands and businesses with a broad array of marketing opportunities that offer many benefits.

Brand Awareness and Exposure

Motocross racing is a high profile sport that offers the sponsor limitless exposure through the media, racer, marketing partners, and spectator audiences. This level of exposure is met by featuring company or brand logos on the racer, motorcycle, support equipment, and any interviews or videos that the rider may be on.

Target Audience

Spectator and fans provide an ideal target audience for potential sponsors. Motocross racing events receive local, regional, and national media exposure that reaches a deep, dedicated fan base. Spectators are brand loyal and pay attention to companies and brands that support their favorite racer or team.

Image Building

Sponsorship can assist in enhancing a brand’s public image. Racing provides a company with an image that is thrilling, fast, exciting, glamorous, fun, and high tech. Sponsorship also sends a clear and positive message to potential customers.


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