About the team

Team 2Diat stands for 2 Dudes in a Tundra Racing2Diat consists of one professional motocross racer from the St. Louis area, Mark Weishaar, and his mechanic, Cody Anderson. Mark is a full-time college student trying to live his dream of racing professional supercross. 2Diat was founded in 2012 by Mark Weishaar.  His team has grown every year with the help of new sponsors, resulting in increased marketing for the sponsors.2Diat’s plan is to work as a team so that Mark Weishaar can live his dream of racing professional supercross. The goals for 2Diat this season are to race 16 of the 17-round supercross series and as many local races as possible. 2Diat wants to become a recognized, prominent name around the racing community. With the help of each other, friends, family, and sponsors, Mark and Cody will make this happen.

Mark plans to organize several very cool events throughout the year that will consist of autograph signings, demonstrations, and training schools. The team wants to interact with the fans as much as possible and increase the fan base while promoting all the team’s sponsors.

In order for the team to succeed, it will take the support of local dealers and industry leaders. Last year, the team conducted several riding schools for all ages and levels of riders.  With the support of one of our main sponsors, we received positive reviews from all participants. Conducting riding schools is one way for 2Diat to give back to the local racing community and provide an opportunity for local riders to identify with us as positive role models and learn from a professional riding team.

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